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Frequently Asked Questions

To better serve you – our customer, we have listed a few general questions. If you have a question not listed here, please email us!

Why Should I install a sprinkler system?
There are several reasons installing a new sprinkler system is a good idea. The most important reason, especially here in the dry climate of Colorado is to save water. Using a system set to specific days/times will greatly improve coverage and saturation which translates to less water used. Another great reason is saving time. We our busy schedules finding any extra time is always a good thing. Instead and dragging a house around the yard, let our system do the work for you. Another great reason is to add value to our home. Houses with systems installed are much more attractive to potential buyers.
What are the best sprinkler brands to use?
Without a doubt – the best brands on the market today are Hunter and Rainbird. We use both for our installations. Which brand we’ll use we be dependent on your requirements.
Can my new sprinkler system handle the lawn as well as shrubs/flowers?
Our systems can handle any watering job your property will require. Our systems are highly modifiable which allows us to create unique zones dependent on the terrain/plant material.
What kind of yearly maintenance will be required for a new system?
We prefer clients sign up for our twice a year maintenance schedule. We’ll come out in the spring to check your system, get everything turned on and verify all zones are working as they should be. In the fall we’ll shut down the system and make sure all lines are properly drained to prevent mid-winter freezing.
How long does the average project take?
Most new installs take between 3 and 5 days. Of course this time frame can change if you have a very large lawn or unique requirements that are beyond a normal install.
How do I know when it's time to rehab my existing sprinkler system?
In general, most systems should last from 20-30 years. There will be the occasional head replacement and yearly maintenance as well. If you are experiencing more issues such as leaks in the lines, value box malfunctions, freaking replacing of parts (3-5 times a month) – it’s time for a new system.